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Or do you want to trade your local, smaller currency using your background knowledge of your economy?
Are you interested in Forex and the most popular pairs such as GBPUSD or EURUSD?
Are you struggling with choosing the right trading symbol?

Assets You Can Trade With FTMO

1.  Forex is not for everybody, many traders focus rather on the selected world economies
2. There are indices such as S&P 500, where the 500 best-performing companies in the USA are placed together in one index, which creates a diversified instrument
3. Or the German DAX40, which includes the 40 best-performing companies in Germany, is also quite popular

 Click here to see all the indices we offer! 


  • And we can not forget the increasingly popular cryptocurrencies! Crypto traders are also welcomed at FTMO, the available cryptocurrencies we offer are listed here.


  • There are also traders interested in commodities or metals, and Gold, Crude Oil, or Natural Gas tend to be their primary choice. Again, the whole list is here.


  • Choose your symbols well, set a strategy, be consistent and disciplined and trade with up to $200,000!

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01. Did you know that the Forex market is the world's largest financial market, with a volume of $6.6 trillion traded on daily basis? It is a place that reflects the economy of the whole world. Do you want to be part of it?

02. Check the video to learn more and get introduced to the financial markets in our FTMO Trading Academy. Do you want to start trading with a balance of up to $200,000? Configure your Free Trial trading account, download the trading platform here, and start trading immediately with no risk involved. 

03.We are the leaders in what we do, traders from all around the world are gathering at FTMO to unlock their full potential. The best should work with the best, learn more about our company here.


There is no better place for retail traders than FTMO. We are here to help you become serious traders who can manage $200,000 on an FTMO Account.
We value our clients and we are determined to provide them with the best overall service and conditions out there.
So, let's quickly summarize how trading at FTMO works. In order to get an FTMO Account from which you can withdraw 80% of your profits, we need to test your skills first. To prove yourself, you must pass our 2-step Evaluation Process consisting of our FTMO Challenge and Verification. Once you're managing an FTMO Account, you can withdraw your profits every 14 days
Our priority is to support you during your whole journey as a trader. We will provide you with several handy trading apps to help you get a trading edge, performance coaches to help you with your psychology, Trading Academy to extend your knowledge, or Free Trials to test your strategy or place your first trades.
In case you have any questions for us, our support is here for you 24/7, communicating in 17 languages. There's nothing standing in your way to becoming an FTMO Trader.